Chartreuse Shire

Hi! I just wanted to try something new that’s why I started this blog. If I won’t feel crappy and lazy, I’ll update as often as I can and write something that might interest you. facebook-love-smiley-surrounded-with-hearts

I’m thinking of hosting a domain and yes, I’m excited. One of the reasons why I wanted to purchase a domain is having access to unlimited themes. I can personalize my templates to my heart’s content! It’s something you can call as your own. Something that really belongs to you.

Blogging without your own domain is like living in a rented apartment or living in a house that isn’t yours. Yes, you can do things or you can consider it as “your home” but the fact remains that you’re only a tenant. It’s not really a big issue.
Creating a free website or blog is easy but you have limited customization options just as you only have limited options to none if you’re thinking of renovating the apartment that you’re renting since it’s not yours. Some owners are really accommodating(If one’s lucky) that they would let some tenants do some changes inside the unit . But who would like to spend a lot for a place that isn’t really yours? So, you better buy your own house errr domain.

Oh, never mind!

How to be a successful blogger and just enjoy the comfort at home? To be honest, I have no idea. Haha! I’m not aiming for that, yet. I just feel like sharing something thru writing.

Do you have to write like an author? Well, I don’t think so. Just write freely and make your blog as entertaining as it can.

You might ask why Chartreuseshire?It’s because I quite like everything chartreuse. It’s a pretty color. Shire-well, imagine living in a suburban area.

What’s with MC? These are “our initials”.










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