Turmeric, anyone?

I know most of you guys are already familiar with turmeric.

Turmeric is a tropical plant in India and is basically used as a spice. It is also common in other Asian countries.

I have been looking for something which has no parabens, rids large pores, removes blemishes, acne and whatever imperfections that made my skin uglier than it already is. Hahaha! Anyway, I searched and tried almost everything but most of them never worked.

I tried gentle facial cleanser after washing my face, putting some anti-acne cream, facial scrub 2-3 times a week, anti-acne soaps, lemon peel and facial masks. Mind you, I didn’t use all of them at once. I made some observations din naman. When I didn’t see any changes after two-three weeks, I moved on to another product. Nothing worked. Poor me. I’ve done almost everything. I’ve drunk lots of water. I’ve gotten rid of oily foods. Oh well, not totally. But why do other people out there who usually have unhealthy meals yet still get to enjoy flawless skin???

When I was in high school, I enjoyed having a clear skin. I didn’t use anything but Johnson’s baby powder. Pimples only started to make their presence known when I tried out facial wash and other brands of soaps when I was in college. So before I ventured in the city in 2009, I already had these small pimples on my cheeks. I just finished studying then and my skin was already exposed to a quite harsh environment. But they were barely noticeable.

When I arrived here, it has gotten worse. I guess they were too pleased to be exposed to the pollution in the city that they’d partied all night long and produced disgusting offspring! It was humiliating at first, especially when people stared at my face mesmerized by the amount of pimples they couldn’t even count on my cheeks, but kebs! Anong paki niyo sa pimples ko? Duh! I’d gotten used to it that I almost forgot how it feels to have a clear and clean skin.

Then my co-worker took pity of my face and advised me to buy this facial cleanser(it’s no longer on the shelves/phased-out), 1 capsule of Dalacin C (150mg), 2 gel capsules of Vitamin A (2500 iu) and 2 gel capsules of Vitamin E (400 iu) . Back then, you could buy Dalacin C over the counter without prescription but these days you should have a prescription with you. If you don’t have it, no Dalacin C for you. I mixed the mentioned ingredients by pricking the gel with a needle and added the Dalacin C powder. Wow, did I mention Dalacin C too much? Pasensiya! The concoction worked well. My pimples had slowly vanished and it even made my skin glow a bit. My pimples were completely gone by the 3rd quarter of 2010. But it struck back.

I started to suffer having pimples again in 2014. It came like an avalanche it freaked me out every time I check myself in the mirror. I didn’t know what I ate that made them come to a promising stage of acnedom and had mushroomed all over my face. The concoction that I used before didn’t make those incredibly annoying pimples budge! Ah nodules, they never ceased to amaze me.

I’ve searched and searched for acne remedies on the internet and tried each one that actually worked for some and might miraculously work for me.  Regrettably, they didn’t. However, it never deterred me to keep on looking. I was not aiming for a perfectly smooth skin. I just wanted to get rid of those annoying pricks.

I have seen a video on Youtube, I would have linked it here but I forgot the title. It was a looong video I thought I wasted more than 30 minutes of my life watching it but I guess not. It discussed about how to get rid of acne. It was frustrating because the maker of the video would take the viewers to wanderland first before finally getting to the point but I patiently waited until he finally mentioned what I have waited for. He stated, “The best treatment for acne is not using any anti-acne products at all.”  ‘Talaga?! Sige, i-try daw nato beh”. So I stopped using anti-acne products, particularly facial cream, which clogged pores. Then I concentrated on using this product which has been a common household soap in the Philippines. It even has this slogan “A Soap For The Entire Family”. It has been on the stock shelves of every store for generations because people still patronize it. I doubted that it would get rid of my pimples but it actually did the job. I’d been using this since elementary until high school days. When I studied in the university, I turned my back on it when I got tempted to use some beauty soaps. Not a good idea…tsk tsk!

So here it is…..


Image courtesy of : www.safeguard.ph

Note that this is not a sponsored blog and I am merely sharing what products I’ve been using… 😀 I’m not going to assure anyone who might stumble upon this journal, if there’s any or maybe extraterrestrials who happen to have their own advanced technology, that it will diminish your acne. I cannot guarantee that it will totally work for you as much as it did on my skin. Some products perform fine on my skin but might not on yours, and so on and so forth. Try at your own risk.

My pimples are almost gone but I still have some dark spots. So naghanap uli ako sa Youtube ng maaari kong i-try para mawala ang mga dark spots sa aking mukha!

I stumbled upon Promise Phan‘s Youtube video about turmeric (curcuma, dulaw, dilaw na luya). It has a lot of health benefits. Everyone has made a review about it already you won’t be having a hard time getting more info. If you want to find testimonials, might as well do more research. So anyway, watching the video tickled my fancy and made me want to run to the nearest supermarket and buy this incredible golden powdered spice that not only make food healthier to consume but also does wonders on skin.

I bugged my YY to buy turmeric so we can try it and we really did. We found this at SM Supermarket.


Cost: Php 19.00.

I can say it really walks the talk. So try it yourself. It might do wonders on your skin as well. You can watch Promise Phan’s video to see the ingredients.

So here’s what I mixed my turmeric with. If you have already watched the video, you might notice that the ingredients differ. Yes, I added few and altered the amount of ingredients to be used.


  • 2 tbs of turmeric powder
  • 2 tbs of yogurt
  • 2 tbs of brown sugar, (I didn’t have honey so…)
  • 1 tbs of flour (optional)
  • I added 1 tsp of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. (optional)
  • I also added a tbs of egg white (optional)


IMG_1488_copyMy skin still has few blemishes but I hope it’s on its way to recovery from what it suffered. Acne really is everyone’s nightmare! It makes some people cringe.

Although I don’t mind having pimples and it’s quite alright not to have a flawless skin, it’s still more desirable to have a presentable face.







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