Canon Rewards

Every point counts.

So I bought few items at Canon SM Megamall branch last December. The sales rep told me to sign up at Canon Rewards. Everyone who buys an item or items that cost at least P1000 are entitled to earn Canon points and are advised to register at the said website.


How to earn points.

All you need to do is provide the needed details and upload a clear image of the product serial number. You’ll see it on the side of the box that goes with the item that you purchased. Easy peasy!


When I got home, I immediately signed up and uploaded the images I needed to upload. It only took 5 days for them to process the information that I submitted. I got the points right away. When I got my  points, I excitedly browsed the items which I could redeem with the points I earned. I filled out the Customer Delivery Form. Untitled

I was so excited to receive the vouchers. I had to wait for a maximum of 60 days for the vouchers to be delivered but but but….they never came. I received a message from an anonymous number asking for my email to complete whatever they needed to complete last January. I ignored the text because I received another message from a different number and I thought those were just random strangers playing pranks. I already signed up and I thought that was it. Lol! I was wrong.

February…. March….and April came but still no sign of my vouchers. The allotted 60 days was already over.  I was thinking of replying to the message I received but before I could do so, my damn phone was stolen. 😡

I decided to visit their website and left a message thru Customer Care. I updated my contact number and told them the reason why I wasn’t able to reply and all (I was procrastinating till my phone got stolen by an a******.).

They responded right away! Wow! I got an acknowledgement email and I got a call the next day. I was not able to answer because I was having a class. Two days later, I received another call and the agent explained why the process took so long. There were some changes and it had something to do with a new Canon partner. I gave my delivery address again and they reprocessed everything. Meaning, I have to wait for the vouchers to be delivered within 2 months again.

But… but… but…true to their word, I got the vouchers before the allotted 60 days is over. I was so happy because I didn’t expect to receive the vouchers within a month.





Canon is really amazing! Their customer service is good. They respond right away. They never ignore members’ queries.

So don’t waste your points and make use of them. It may not be a lot but you can’t really find 1 thousand worth of GC just by walking around Metro Manila.




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