Quote of the day…

“It is nice to love what you do but there’s nothing more satisfying than to do what you love.”

Do what you l♥ve.

Think of things that you have passion in doing. There’s no job that is not exhausting but I’d rather be exhausted physically than be exhausted mentally and emotionally.

Taking a step may it big or small is not easy and has to be analyzed. We can’t just rush things out and decide to just blindly step forward without thinking of the consequences after making a move.

Ah, what a senseless blabber. Sorry! 🙂

If what you do right now gives you stress and leaves you mentally and emotionally drained, then I guess it’s time for you to start doing what you really love.

To stay or to leave?


At Yudalsan (유달산), South Korea. Photo was taken by Cyrus.

Are you stuck where you are now like this lonely street light?

Until when can we stay if we choose to stay? Are you having second thoughts? Yes, we all do. If we choose to leave, then when and where should we go?

where to

Cyrus took the picture at Yudalsan.

Choosing to leave is a big decision. It’s like moving on to the next page of your life. You don’t really know what’s on the next page. It can be terrifying or fantastically beautiful! You might be hooked or get disenchanted. You’ll be dizzy with the twists. But it’s your life on that page. It is up to you to make your own beautiful story of life and inspire others. You will be the one to put tweaks and tricks.

Make your own surprising twist and  dazzling journey.



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