Tag Questions!

It’s finally weekend! Papa God, I can’t thank You enough. What a long week!  Few things happened this week. I want to blabber in a very impassioned way, but I won’t, because I cringe every time I stumble upon and read someone’s rant on social media. I don’t want other people feel the same way.

I’m not against it, really. People can obviously do and post whatever they want to because it’s their account and maybe it’s their way of venting out their frustrations. I want to complain or rant, too. Dang! How I wanted to. But I don’t want to complain so much and let many people know what I am complaining about.

It’s not that I haven’t done it before, but those were the days when Facebook was still new to me. I only complained, in a funny way, about the IT blocking some proxy websites. How embarrassing was that!  That was ages ago. I realized, even if it wasn’t a rant and even if I posted it in a funny way, that it was not very appealing at all. Nowadays, I rarely update my Facebook because I have lost interest doing it.

So today, I’ll just entertain myself with simple “Tag Questions.”


What is it? It’s a simple and short question tagged at the end of a positive or negative sentence.

Why? To clarify details, to mock or merely ask someone to agree with you.

Negative Statement, Positive Tag Question (Positive Statement, Negative Tag Question)

Third Person + Verb(Present Tense)

>>She doesn’t cooperate, does she? (She cooperates, doesn’t she?)

>>They don’t care about everything, do they? (They care about everything, don’t they?)

Second Person + Verb (Past Tense)

Regular Verb

>>You didn’t participate, did you? (You participated, didn’t you?)

Irregular Verb

>>You didn’t choose the right words to say, did you?  (You chose the right words to say, didn’t you?)

First Person + Be-verb (Present and Past)

>>I am not crazy, am I? Hahaha

>>We weren’t informed about this, were we? (We were informed about this, weren’t we?)

***Second Person

>>You are not a lunatic, are you? (You are a lunatic, aren’t you?)

***Third Person

>>He isn’t a selfish person, is he? (He is selfless, isn’t he?)

Present Perfect

>>April hasn’t forgotten the keys, has she?  (April has forgotten the keys, hasn’t she)

>>June and July haven’t done their homework, have they?


>> David can’t fly an aircraft, can he? (David can fly an aircraft, can’t he?)

>>Goliath shouldn’t mind about David, should he?

>>Delilah mustn’t eat rich desserts, must she?


You are planning to correct this, aren’t you?

You aren’t hoping to find a mistake, are you?

If you find some errors, you will inform me, won’t you? Hahaha!

Feel free to do so. Thanks in advance! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!







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