Hello August!

My dear August, hope you will be as lovely as this tree.


Photo taken inside the Chinese Garden in Rizal Park.

Every time I plan on writing an entry, I ended up posting something else. I was supposed to post about my bucket list but I saw the date and changed my mind.

Time really flies so fast. Many things happened in a blur.  Ano daw?! Ang gulo lang. Hahaha

Pero pwera biro ha. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. Parang kailan lang kakastart pa lang ng 2016. Ang daming nangyari.

Nalipat ako ng ibang account nung January. February was uneventful, though.  Nakauwi si Cyrus ng Pinas last March at nakauwi kaming pareho sa probinsya noong Mahal na Araw. Of all the things that happened this year, eto ang hindi ako makapaniwala. Nadukutan ako ng cellphone last April. It was Friday and April Fools’ Day pa talaga. Nasayangan ako but I’m still thankful that nothing happened to me. Nanalo ang bet namin na president ni Cyrus last May and that made us happy. I received my vouchers from Canon last June. I received a token last month, July. Here comes August…

I am looking forward to accomplishing something this month.




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