New Book To Read

Pittacus Lore’s United as One, the 7th book, was already released! I am so excited to know how the Garde defend the Earth and how they will unite to defeat the Mogadorians and their evil leader, Setrakus Ra.

Things I am so eager to know:

How will Four cope with his loss? Though, I’m not sure if Sarah’s character is a loss. This time, I really hope no fan of Sarah would chance upon this entry.

Will Five be forgiven for what he has done? Will he fight with the other Garde or choose the wrong side again? Will he commit the same mistake again?

I wonder how would Six, Seven and Adam, the good Mog, survive in New Mexico.

Hope Seven would finally move on and get over with Eight.

I wish Nine and Five would just stop beating each other to a pulp. 😛 😛 😛 But then if I were Nine, I would do the same, too. Five deserves it after his betrayal and shallowness. However, Nine really is an ass sometimes.

What will happen to Ten? I love Ella’s character here. Such a brave child with an amazing legacy.

How would Sam, Four’s best friend and one of the humans-turned-Garde,  handle his legacy?

Oh, I really must read this final book to get my curiousness answered!






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