Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

How I wish I could be in London right now and watch this amazing play! Wish, wish, wish…Hahaha Anyway, I freakin’ love the story. Not that I haven’t loved the series, but this is just refreshing, funny(Ron’s funny) and entertaining.

It’s all about travelling through time into the past using a confiscated Time-Turner, saving Cedric and a daughter who is so eager to meet her father.

What I admire about the story, is how Draco’s character has mellowed a bit, how his affection for his late wife, Astoria, who had been his light when he was stumbling in the dark made him a better man and the length that he would go through just to keep his son, Scorpio, safe. Boy, I wish I’ll have a child like Scorpio’s attitude someday. Scorpio’s character wasn’t surprising because I didn’t really expect an uncompassionate and a nasty man would always have an offspring with the same attitude and perception. I like Scorpio, to be honest. He is reasonable, most of the time, while Albus seems to be having difficulties in making the right decisions. Scorpio has always seemed to be on the right path and was always cautious. I just don’t like it whenever he goes along and agrees with his best friend even though he knows otherwise.

Albus, on the other hand, was quite careless and rebellious. I don’t know if rebellious is the right word, but he really acted that way. He trusted the wrong person and had the tendency to act like a hero or try to change things (the way he tried to save Cedric and dragged Scorpio along).

Harry and Albus’ relationship is quite bumpy. Harry is having difficulties getting along with his son. He doesn’t have a problem dealing with Lily and James but it just goes awry with Albus. Oh juice ko, I can’t imagine having a grumpy and sulky child.

Then there’s Delphini, the woman who is so determined to meet her father, Lord Voldy. Errr, she knows her father did the most evil things and the worst man to be considered as a father but still wants to see him? Naks naman…

It’s time to ride along and join their journey through time. Discover and enjoy the mischief and mayhem. Laugh at how characters comically and tragically differ in the alternate timeline.


Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter if parents are perfect or not, wealthy or poor, selfless or selfish, had a fantastic or cringe-worthy past and have done something noble or something shameful. It doesn’t matter if parents make poor, irrevocable or great decisions. Yes, parents should raise their child and teach him/her to know what is good and bad, to be logical and to be the person who knows how to make not just better but wise decisions. But in the end, it’s still up to your kid if he or she will follow the right path, be a better person and learn the aspects of wisdom that you have fastidiously and religiously tried to teach to your child.





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