Shaw Boulevard

How my phone got stolen right under my nose by a shameless a**hole at Shaw Boulevard just across One San Miguel Avenue Bldg.

Before it was stolen, I used to think how lucky I am (although, I already experienced being mugged in 2010 while walking along Guadalupe Bridge-EDSA,but that was a different story) just because I am working here in Ortigas and that riding jeepneys could be safer here well, of course, compared to other cities in Manila. I have seen lots of videos posted on Facebook and one of them taken by someone stuck in a traffic jam capturing a phone snatcher in Recto. So, I thought to myself, “Oh, I’m here in Ortigas. Who would dare?”.But damn, I was dead wrong!

It had to be slapped on my face just to wake me up. I was so comfortable that I have neglected taking extra care. I have never been careless with my things regardless of the value.

I had to learn a lesson in a bitter way that time. It really broke my heart not just because the phone was damn expensive, but because it was given to me by Cy. It was so special that I really cherished it.

So, there I was, minding my own damn business and waiting to get a ride home. I was so eager to get home as it was Friday and oh, it was also April Fools’ Day. What a memorable day to have your phone stolen!.

There were many people at that time and I actually didn’t mind because it is usually crowded on Fridays. I was so anxious to get home that when I saw and almost empty jeepney, I ran just to get my butt seated inside. But lo! When I was about to go inside, a man blocked my way. I didn’t mind at first but I got annoyed because he was trying so hard to block my way. Just then, someone grabbed my bag from my right. I snatched it back. Damn, why did I even bother?! I didn’t even have something valuable inside the bag. I was distracted and that was when my phone got stolen. I was pretty sure, the other one from my left side took it from my front pocket. Grabe lang! Dang! I didn’t even noticed.

I couldn’t even describe how I regretted taking my phone that night, how many times I thought about it replaying what had just transpired. I really cried. I was ashamed because it was a gift and I wasn’t able to take care of it.

I cried because I couldn’t believe my phone was stolen right under my nose!

How could a Filipino do it to their fellows. How hard could it be to work for something that they want to have?? How lazy could they be that they would resort to stealing??

I couldn’t even fathom how anguish I was. There were times I wished that time machines were invented. I couldn’t believe how awful that was.

Though I couldn’t go back and change what happened, there are many things I should be thankful about. My family and Cy are always there for me and with that I am blessed enough. Another thing is nothing bad happened to me. Thank goodness.

“Things that are not meant for us have a way of slipping away from our fingers.”

But as J.K. Rowling’s quote goes… ‘Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.’

I really hope so…




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