Canon Rewards

Every point counts.

So I bought few items at Canon SM Megamall branch last December. The sales rep told me to sign up at Canon Rewards. Everyone who buys an item or items that cost at least P1000 are entitled to earn Canon points and are advised to register at the said website.


How to earn points.

All you need to do is provide the needed details and upload a clear image of the product serial number. You’ll see it on the side of the box that goes with the item that you purchased. Easy peasy!


When I got home, I immediately signed up and uploaded the images I needed to upload. It only took 5 days for them to process the information that I submitted. I got the points right away. When I got my  points, I excitedly browsed the items which I could redeem with the points I earned. I filled out the Customer Delivery Form. Untitled

I was so excited to receive the vouchers. I had to wait for a maximum of 60 days for the vouchers to be delivered but but but….they never came. I received a message from an anonymous number asking for my email to complete whatever they needed to complete last January. I ignored the text because I received another message from a different number and I thought those were just random strangers playing pranks. I already signed up and I thought that was it. Lol! I was wrong.

February…. March….and April came but still no sign of my vouchers. The allotted 60 days was already over.  I was thinking of replying to the message I received but before I could do so, my damn phone was stolen. 😡

I decided to visit their website and left a message thru Customer Care. I updated my contact number and told them the reason why I wasn’t able to reply and all (I was procrastinating till my phone got stolen by an a******.).

They responded right away! Wow! I got an acknowledgement email and I got a call the next day. I was not able to answer because I was having a class. Two days later, I received another call and the agent explained why the process took so long. There were some changes and it had something to do with a new Canon partner. I gave my delivery address again and they reprocessed everything. Meaning, I have to wait for the vouchers to be delivered within 2 months again.

But… but… but…true to their word, I got the vouchers before the allotted 60 days is over. I was so happy because I didn’t expect to receive the vouchers within a month.





Canon is really amazing! Their customer service is good. They respond right away. They never ignore members’ queries.

So don’t waste your points and make use of them. It may not be a lot but you can’t really find 1 thousand worth of GC just by walking around Metro Manila.




Turmeric, anyone?

I know most of you guys are already familiar with turmeric.

Turmeric is a tropical plant in India and is basically used as a spice. It is also common in other Asian countries.

I have been looking for something which has no parabens, rids large pores, removes blemishes, acne and whatever imperfections that made my skin uglier than it already is. Hahaha! Anyway, I searched and tried almost everything but most of them never worked.

I tried gentle facial cleanser after washing my face, putting some anti-acne cream, facial scrub 2-3 times a week, anti-acne soaps, lemon peel and facial masks. Mind you, I didn’t use all of them at once. I made some observations din naman. When I didn’t see any changes after two-three weeks, I moved on to another product. Nothing worked. Poor me. I’ve done almost everything. I’ve drunk lots of water. I’ve gotten rid of oily foods. Oh well, not totally. But why do other people out there who usually have unhealthy meals yet still get to enjoy flawless skin???

When I was in high school, I enjoyed having a clear skin. I didn’t use anything but Johnson’s baby powder. Pimples only started to make their presence known when I tried out facial wash and other brands of soaps when I was in college. So before I ventured in the city in 2009, I already had these small pimples on my cheeks. I just finished studying then and my skin was already exposed to a quite harsh environment. But they were barely noticeable.

When I arrived here, it has gotten worse. I guess they were too pleased to be exposed to the pollution in the city that they’d partied all night long and produced disgusting offspring! It was humiliating at first, especially when people stared at my face mesmerized by the amount of pimples they couldn’t even count on my cheeks, but kebs! Anong paki niyo sa pimples ko? Duh! I’d gotten used to it that I almost forgot how it feels to have a clear and clean skin.

Then my co-worker took pity of my face and advised me to buy this facial cleanser(it’s no longer on the shelves/phased-out), 1 capsule of Dalacin C (150mg), 2 gel capsules of Vitamin A (2500 iu) and 2 gel capsules of Vitamin E (400 iu) . Back then, you could buy Dalacin C over the counter without prescription but these days you should have a prescription with you. If you don’t have it, no Dalacin C for you. I mixed the mentioned ingredients by pricking the gel with a needle and added the Dalacin C powder. Wow, did I mention Dalacin C too much? Pasensiya! The concoction worked well. My pimples had slowly vanished and it even made my skin glow a bit. My pimples were completely gone by the 3rd quarter of 2010. But it struck back.

I started to suffer having pimples again in 2014. It came like an avalanche it freaked me out every time I check myself in the mirror. I didn’t know what I ate that made them come to a promising stage of acnedom and had mushroomed all over my face. The concoction that I used before didn’t make those incredibly annoying pimples budge! Ah nodules, they never ceased to amaze me.

I’ve searched and searched for acne remedies on the internet and tried each one that actually worked for some and might miraculously work for me.  Regrettably, they didn’t. However, it never deterred me to keep on looking. I was not aiming for a perfectly smooth skin. I just wanted to get rid of those annoying pricks.

I have seen a video on Youtube, I would have linked it here but I forgot the title. It was a looong video I thought I wasted more than 30 minutes of my life watching it but I guess not. It discussed about how to get rid of acne. It was frustrating because the maker of the video would take the viewers to wanderland first before finally getting to the point but I patiently waited until he finally mentioned what I have waited for. He stated, “The best treatment for acne is not using any anti-acne products at all.”  ‘Talaga?! Sige, i-try daw nato beh”. So I stopped using anti-acne products, particularly facial cream, which clogged pores. Then I concentrated on using this product which has been a common household soap in the Philippines. It even has this slogan “A Soap For The Entire Family”. It has been on the stock shelves of every store for generations because people still patronize it. I doubted that it would get rid of my pimples but it actually did the job. I’d been using this since elementary until high school days. When I studied in the university, I turned my back on it when I got tempted to use some beauty soaps. Not a good idea…tsk tsk!

So here it is…..


Image courtesy of :

Note that this is not a sponsored blog and I am merely sharing what products I’ve been using… 😀 I’m not going to assure anyone who might stumble upon this journal, if there’s any or maybe extraterrestrials who happen to have their own advanced technology, that it will diminish your acne. I cannot guarantee that it will totally work for you as much as it did on my skin. Some products perform fine on my skin but might not on yours, and so on and so forth. Try at your own risk.

My pimples are almost gone but I still have some dark spots. So naghanap uli ako sa Youtube ng maaari kong i-try para mawala ang mga dark spots sa aking mukha!

I stumbled upon Promise Phan‘s Youtube video about turmeric (curcuma, dulaw, dilaw na luya). It has a lot of health benefits. Everyone has made a review about it already you won’t be having a hard time getting more info. If you want to find testimonials, might as well do more research. So anyway, watching the video tickled my fancy and made me want to run to the nearest supermarket and buy this incredible golden powdered spice that not only make food healthier to consume but also does wonders on skin.

I bugged my YY to buy turmeric so we can try it and we really did. We found this at SM Supermarket.


Cost: Php 19.00.

I can say it really walks the talk. So try it yourself. It might do wonders on your skin as well. You can watch Promise Phan’s video to see the ingredients.

So here’s what I mixed my turmeric with. If you have already watched the video, you might notice that the ingredients differ. Yes, I added few and altered the amount of ingredients to be used.


  • 2 tbs of turmeric powder
  • 2 tbs of yogurt
  • 2 tbs of brown sugar, (I didn’t have honey so…)
  • 1 tbs of flour (optional)
  • I added 1 tsp of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. (optional)
  • I also added a tbs of egg white (optional)


IMG_1488_copyMy skin still has few blemishes but I hope it’s on its way to recovery from what it suffered. Acne really is everyone’s nightmare! It makes some people cringe.

Although I don’t mind having pimples and it’s quite alright not to have a flawless skin, it’s still more desirable to have a presentable face.







These are some of my favorite songs that I love exhausting the replay button with when I’m in the mood to listen to music.

Enya’s  “Saily Away” 

Just hearing the song makes me want to travel and escape the stress of living in the city gives. It makes me want to teleport to my hometown and have a blast at the beach. 

Then there’s a beautiful sandbar close to my hometown that I want to visit and have my own sandbar escapade with the people I love. Indeed, Sail Away

The sandbar in Manjuyod is so fantastic. I have watched a vlog from Youtube and wow! Just wow!

Enya’s “Only Time”

Another song of Enya that reminds me how old I am! Hahaha The song is just so relaxing that it could even send a baby to dreamland in an instant. It’s a beautiful song.

“Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose?”
Only time

Donna Lewis’ “I love You Always Forever”

Imagine taking few steps in slow motion towards the man you love. Relationships aren’t perfect. Fights can’t be avoided. Some relationships dull as time goes whether you always or never argue over petty points. But at the end of the day or two, when one of you possesses a pride higher than Mount Everest, you’d still end up in each others’ arms. Don’t you just love falling over and over again and say I Love You Always Forever? Okay, I’ll stop.That was pukeworthy. Sorry. 

Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me”

Sixpence None The Richer’s “There She Goes”

Ahem… There She Goes

Sixpence None The Richer and Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

SNTR’s version and CH’s version

The Weepies’ “Same Changes”

I so loooove the song. It makes me wanna write a mediocre story on Wattpad. Same Changes (I wrote right instead of write and took me weeks to notice. Yeah, but who cares? lol! )

Linkin Park’s “In The End”

Reminds me of my high school days. Lol  In The End

Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”

Yes, your hips tell people what you eat…Hips Don’t Lie


Nickelback’s “Far Away”, “Savin’ me”

Aaaaaw…..Far Away   Savin’ me. I love the vocalist’s voice. Haha!

3 Doors Down’s “Here By Me”

Can you take being away so long from someone? 

Lifehouse’s “You and Me”

Just You and Me….

David Foster’sJust for a Moment (Instrumental)

Firehouse’s “When I look in to your eyes”

Now, this is a song! When I look into your eyes… I just love Firehouse.

Bryan Adam’s Please Forgive me

I don’t know if it’s just me but Bryan Adam’s voice is heart-meltingly incredible (haha! Does this hyphenated compound even exist?!? Nevermind…  Ever heard someone singing as if he is expressing his real emotion? Still watching and still listening in 2016!

Suede’s “Beautiful Ones


Bryan Adam’s “Always be right there

……………………….♥ Forever, we will be♥……………………………………….





Hometown 2016

Isla del Fuego, my hometown, contains a beauty that would amaze your eyes and soul beyond your imagination. Siquijodnons are lucky indeed to live in an island that almost have it all. I mean, it has the kind of sceneries and serenity that tourists are craving for. If you’re looking for a next beachcapade you might want to consider visiting the island. Looking for a place to stay is the last thing that you should worry about because the island is dotted with resorts. Some even offer highly affordable accommodation.


A taste of the Island of Fire(Siquijor) The island of lovely white sand beaches and witches!  Don’t you just want to splash and have a blast?!

The witches, I mean, the island will surely capture your heart. Lol

When it comes to tourist spots, the island has a lot to offer. However, there’s limited job options which leave some residents try their luck in the city where they can have unlimited job opportunities. Some even go abroad.

That was why I braved to come out of my comfort zone and look for a job in the land far, far away. Chos! It wasn’t easy. Some companies till these days don’t usually hire novice applicants. So I was one of those unlucky ones who get rejected all the time. Wasn’t used to interviews and would always freak out. Facing the person who conducted the interview was like coming face to face with a hairy caterpillar. I hate hairy caterpillars the most till now! Seeing these creeps sporting hair like a rock star (that’s what my student said when I showed him the picture) makes me want to bolt away as far as I can.

See photo at :

That was exactly how I felt during my interview way back then. Going home from an unsuccessful interview was really a struggle. Hard as it was, I had to deal with it. I was living with my cousin. My allowance was almost gone. I felt like I was a burden to her already. I thought of moving out but where would I go? I was new in the city. I know most of you know how it feels but I got no other choice then. I had nowhere else to go. My, my, I really don’t want to experience it again. It took me months before I finally got my first job. I was sooo thankful!

But my heart always wanna go home to the island. I feel so envious seeing pictures of my cousins at the beach strolling, trolling and enjoying to their hearts’ content.  I was and am thankful to Cyrus because he took me home with him and I was able to spend time with my family.

If I could only have my way, I would go home as often as I can. Being an online EIA makes it impossible. Plus, airfare is just too expensive.

What about you? What are the amazing sceneries that your hometown have?





What you wanted…

How many times have you been sooo frustrated because you wanted something but it’s just so hard to get and you don’t know where and how to start just to have it?

I’m not really talking about material things. I’m talking about how you make yourself better, successful and contented .
Are you happy with your job? If you are, then I give you my heartfelt congratulations! If you’re not, then when will you ever move your ass and have the courage to look for a new job which you will love not just the salary but the things that you do everyday as well?

Me? I’m in between. Every time I go to work and get stuck in a traffic while the sun seems sooo angry, the thought of looking for a new job where I don’t have to commute and get stuck for hours in a jam would just pop up.

However, thinking that I have to start all over again, from interviews and waiting for regularization(if lucky enough to be hired on the spot), I get possessed with laziness.

Aaaand, some of us just can’t leave our current job right away for personal reasons.

So yes, I admit. I’m so lazy because I always have reasons why I WOULDN’T, why I COULDN’T and why I CAN’T just go wherever and do whatever my heart wanted to do. But oh, is it really laziness or cowardice? It could be both.

Since some of us, most of us don’t really have enough savings, it creeps me out to think that I would run out of money and still jobless!

So there, another reason why some of us wouldn’t dare to leave our current job. A very lame excuse for some people.

I wanted something but too afraid to gamble and too afraid to suffer the consequences.

I know, I know…You wanted to say I’m crazy! LOL!

Anyway, how about you? Are you living out your dreams? Is your current job what you’ve dreamed of? Have your childhood dreams come true? Did you get what you wanted?

When I was young, I had lots of dreams and way back then, it seemed so easy to reach. I was dying to have it all. One of those childhood dreams was to go abroad(Who doesn’t?). Seeing beautiful pictures of European countries triggered my fantasy which I wanted to live in.

I made a scrapbook graced with colorful beads and pretty sequins. It was full of pictures and postcards. Photos I cut out from chocolate wrappers given to us by our generous neighbor whenever he came to visit our hometown. Those were wrappers of Swiss chocolate with pretty pictures of villages and landmarks in Switzerland.

I remembered when our neighbor’s sister went to Austria to work and she sent us a beautiful picture with her in it. It was taken in winter and the snow was knee-deep. It was so beautiful I wanted to cry whenever I looked at it. Looking at the picture with pearly white snow gave me joy. I live in a tropical country so forgive me if seeing pictures with snow amazed me back then. She was wearing a knee-high winter boots with a row of townhouses in the background. There was nothing special with the picture but my young heart fell in love with it or should I say, fell in love with the snow?(Hmmm, whatever). I always looked at the photo before going to bed and looked at it again in the morning. Imagine how obsessed I was with that photo! Haha. I would imagine that it was me standing in front of those amazing townhouses in a fancy winter coat.

I dreamed that someday, I will be able to go there. That I would be able to send postcards and presents to my parents and relatives. That someday, I would be the one to give chocolate with exquisite wrappers.

I wanted to be a nurse. I thought it was the magic key that would take me there. Oohoo boy, that didn’t happen.  I changed my mind and took up another course then end up here. I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea…I wonder if I would be able to go where I wanted if I proceeded taking up BSN. But then, it doesn’t really matter.  We SURELY can go anywhere we want to if we only have perseverance and of course, wads of money regardless of our profession.

So that’s it. That was what I wanted years ago.

I hope all of us would have the privilege to say “Finally!” instead of being stuck with “Someday…”

Note: I know some bloggers used a disclaimer whenever they grab a photo from Google and I did the same. I made sure to put a disclaimer and I added a link below the image but I have read from a blog that it doesn’t matter if you put a disclaimer. It will be a heck of a problem if one receives a complaint from the owner of the photo.

For copyrights’ sake, I took down the picture because it’s better to be cautious. You know, just to be safe.




Chartreuse Shire

Hi! I just wanted to try something new that’s why I started this blog. If I won’t feel crappy and lazy, I’ll update as often as I can and write something that might interest you. facebook-love-smiley-surrounded-with-hearts

I’m thinking of hosting a domain and yes, I’m excited. One of the reasons why I wanted to purchase a domain is having access to unlimited themes. I can personalize my templates to my heart’s content! It’s something you can call as your own. Something that really belongs to you.

Blogging without your own domain is like living in a rented apartment or living in a house that isn’t yours. Yes, you can do things or you can consider it as “your home” but the fact remains that you’re only a tenant. It’s not really a big issue.
Creating a free website or blog is easy but you have limited customization options just as you only have limited options to none if you’re thinking of renovating the apartment that you’re renting since it’s not yours. Some owners are really accommodating(If one’s lucky) that they would let some tenants do some changes inside the unit . But who would like to spend a lot for a place that isn’t really yours? So, you better buy your own house errr domain.

Oh, never mind!

How to be a successful blogger and just enjoy the comfort at home? To be honest, I have no idea. Haha! I’m not aiming for that, yet. I just feel like sharing something thru writing.

Do you have to write like an author? Well, I don’t think so. Just write freely and make your blog as entertaining as it can.

You might ask why Chartreuseshire?It’s because I quite like everything chartreuse. It’s a pretty color. Shire-well, imagine living in a suburban area.

What’s with MC? These are “our initials”.