Hometown 2016

Isla del Fuego, my hometown, contains a beauty that would amaze your eyes and soul beyond your imagination. Siquijodnons are lucky indeed to live in an island that almost have it all. I mean, it has the kind of sceneries and serenity that tourists are craving for. If you’re looking for a next beachcapade you might want to consider visiting the island. Looking for a place to stay is the last thing that you should worry about because the island is dotted with resorts. Some even offer highly affordable accommodation.


A taste of the Island of Fire(Siquijor) The island of lovely white sand beaches and witches!  Don’t you just want to splash and have a blast?!

The witches, I mean, the island will surely capture your heart. Lol

When it comes to tourist spots, the island has a lot to offer. However, there’s limited job options which leave some residents try their luck in the city where they can have unlimited job opportunities. Some even go abroad.

That was why I braved to come out of my comfort zone and look for a job in the land far, far away. Chos! It wasn’t easy. Some companies till these days don’t usually hire novice applicants. So I was one of those unlucky ones who get rejected all the time. Wasn’t used to interviews and would always freak out. Facing the person who conducted the interview was like coming face to face with a hairy caterpillar. I hate hairy caterpillars the most till now! Seeing these creeps sporting hair like a rock star (that’s what my student said when I showed him the picture) makes me want to bolt away as far as I can.

See photo at :  www.nhm.ac.uk

That was exactly how I felt during my interview way back then. Going home from an unsuccessful interview was really a struggle. Hard as it was, I had to deal with it. I was living with my cousin. My allowance was almost gone. I felt like I was a burden to her already. I thought of moving out but where would I go? I was new in the city. I know most of you know how it feels but I got no other choice then. I had nowhere else to go. My, my, I really don’t want to experience it again. It took me months before I finally got my first job. I was sooo thankful!

But my heart always wanna go home to the island. I feel so envious seeing pictures of my cousins at the beach strolling, trolling and enjoying to their hearts’ content.  I was and am thankful to Cyrus because he took me home with him and I was able to spend time with my family.

If I could only have my way, I would go home as often as I can. Being an online EIA makes it impossible. Plus, airfare is just too expensive.

What about you? What are the amazing sceneries that your hometown have?






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